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Hi, err...I'm...yea...luna_me, lmao...

Ummm...I just wanted to say...that I think that for mandrake_rpg, we should just post in there when we want to "send" Private Owls to someone, because there's really no point in posting our latests entries there...just read your Friend's List, lol...

Also, I wanted to say that for THIS community, I think we should write in here to say what's going example, it wouldn't really make sense if __ronweasley said that Crookshanks got run over by a cement mixer (Yea, I know they don't exist in the WIzarding world...don't bug me, lmao), while simplyhermione says that she's been playing with Crookshanks in the Common Room all day...

Sooo...yeah...just, if you wanted to update the "news in Hogwarts", (i.e. Luna "disappearing" Flitwick), it in here, and we'll all go along!!


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That is a good idea. I think we have been going along with our stories rather well. They don't seem to contradict each other. I didn't say I was playing with Crookshanks after Ron said he was missing. Or was that just an example? In that case, never mind. :)

The only thing I have seen so far that contradicts was when I posted the last trip to Hogsmeade was before Christmas and Parvati said there was one last weekend. lol oh well.
Lol, yea, I saw that too...

Oh! And that was just an example...I couldn't think of anything else, lol...
Good idea. ^^ I think we're doing pretty well so far in that area, though. Like Hermione said in the above comment, she didn't say she was playing with Crookshanks after I said that he went yeah...*blinks*

*snickers* Cement mixer...ouch...poor Crookshanks...XD;